Hope you are all having a great half term. Has everyone chosen their person to base their biography on?


50 Responses to “Hope you are all having a great half term. Has everyone chosen their person to base their biography on?”

  1. Sedem Says:

    Hello Mr. C. My biography will be about one of my uncles, who has an MBE and fought in the war.

  2. Emily bates Says:

    Hello it’s Emily bates here, I’m doing my biography on a close family friend / uncle also, when is the spelling test going to be ?

  3. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    mr c my person is dead, how will i do the present tense intro? hope you feel better tommorow!!

  4. Ruthie Says:

    When do we have to dress up for world book day and bring in a book to swap

  5. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    Great results from tag rugby last week! Hope we do that in the tournament!

  6. Archie Hollingsworth Says:

    hi long time no see XD

  7. Archie Hollingsworth Says:


  8. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    Mr C is your middle name actually Wilfred?

  9. Ruthie Says:

    Mr c
    You know that the girls tag rugby was cancelled is tag rugby still cancelled tomorrow or shall I bring my kit in anyway?
    When will we start sorting stuff out with the Holy Week assembly with the class?
    Thank you

    • scrozier2013 Says:

      Hi Ruthie – yes tag rugby is still cancelled as I have to leave straight after school tomorrow.
      I will speak to you tomorrow about Holy Week and we will begin preparing for it as a class next week.

  10. NaokiDenDen Says:

    Mr c when will we get our spelling words? B-)

  11. Tilly-may Says:

    Hay Orion x I am missing stms so much x I am having a great time at tps and there was really nothing to be scared of x hope to get you back soon Tilly 😌

  12. Ruthie Says:

    mr c
    is tag rugby on this week and is the girls tournament on Wednesday?

    • scrozier2013 Says:

      Hi Ruthie – no you don’t have the tag rugby matches tomorrow but training is on this Thursday

  13. Naoki Says:

    Thank you Sedem and Mr Crozier! Sorry I’m not in today as well.
    (Don’t worry I will be in tomorrow if I get some sleep] )
    I probably won’t be doing tag rugby tomorrow. 😦

  14. Ruthie Says:

    Mr C
    is our reading homework the pumpkin poem and the reader of this poem and is it due In on Wednesday

    • scrozier2013 Says:

      Hi Ruthie – yes due in on Wednesday – it was the reader of this poem and I can’t remember the name of the second – I will remind you of it tomorrow.

  15. Ruthie Says:

    I have found a skirt that goes down to my ankles and I will be looking for a blue top soon I will bring them in and show you tomorrow.

  16. Naoki Says:

    Happy Easter everyone!!

  17. Emily Says:

    mr c how are the auditions for the summer production going to work and when will they be so I’m prepared 😊

    • scrozier2013 Says:

      Hi Emily. We will probably have auditions for all of the main parts the week after Sats. You’ll just need to sing a song from the show and let us know which part you’d like to be. We can give you the words and songs after we get back from Easter hols! In the meantime – have a great Easter break! Mr C

  18. Naoki Says:

    I am ill 😦

  19. Olivia 0 Says:

    Hi mr c hope you are having a good holiday did we have spelling homework πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • scrozier2013 Says:

      Hi Olivia – having a great holiday thanks – hope yours is good too!! No actual spelling list – just revise all the rules that are in your SPAG revision book. πŸ˜‰ Don’t work too hard! Mr C

  20. Naoki Says:

    I am better πŸ™‚

  21. Tyler Edwards Says:

    What’s happened Naoki? Hope you get better soonπŸ˜„πŸ’©

  22. Ruthie Says:

    Mr c
    In SATS if we forget to dot the I will it be marked wrong and also when I write sevens I put a cross in the middle can I do that in SATS ( I don’t want to get the answer wrong because it is written differently).

    Thank you and enjoy the rest of your holidays.

    • scrozier2013 Says:

      Hi Ruthie – no – you will be fine in both of those situations! Don’t worry! Hope you are having a great break! Enjoy the last few days! Mr C

  23. Annaliesa Says:

    Is the story about the Joker in 3rd person or 1st

  24. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    Mr C can I just double check is there tag rugby training on this Thursday or not? Thank you!

  25. Ruthie Says:

    Mr c
    After washing the tag rugby kits shall we keep them till next
    Munday or shall we give them back.

    • scrozier2013 Says:

      Hi Ruthie and Naoki – well done again today! It would be better if you could bring them back in and then we will give them out again – but there’s no panic.

  26. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    do we have to bring in our rugby kits in? or not.

  27. Rafa Says:

    I know this is a little bit late but after Sats are we going to have spelling tests again?

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