In 1901, what might a reader think ‘life’ on the moon might consist of?


20 Responses to “In 1901, what might a reader think ‘life’ on the moon might consist of?”

  1. Sedem Says:

    How should we present our information?

  2. Ruthie Says:

    a reader might think that life on the moon is very hard because when you look at the moon there are small dots on them they might think that on the moon there are huge creators and that when you are on the moon and it is not a full moon you can’t see so you will die as from earth you can’t see all of the moon.

    is this a good example

  3. Naoki Says:

    mr c, when is the spelling test?

  4. Naoki Says:

    Maybe they thought earth was like here – the darker parts (which used to be lakes of lava) could’ve been mistaken for cities, as the craters. After all, this was in 1901, 68 years before the Apollo 11 space mission.

  5. Sedem Says:

    In 1901, a space shuttle called Discovery went to the moon. People living in that time could have thought that in the different phases of the moon, the moon was losing part of it, when actually it was just the dark sky.

    (P.S: Don’t forget about the planets being able to seen in the early morning tomorrow! ) 😀

  6. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    hello everyone! just saying we won the superstars!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    when is the spelling test?

  8. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    mr crozier for the tag rugby friendly do we need shin-pads? also can i take my under layer because it is cold?:)

    • scrozier2013 Says:

      Hello Naoki
      Yes you can bring your under layer if you want and no you don’t need shin pads because we won’t be kicking anything . See you tomorrow

  9. Ruthie Says:

    Mr Crozier
    In the english biography homework when it says quotes can it be lines from maybe school reports of that sort of thing. Will they be needed the Monday we come back.


    • scrozier2013 Says:

      Hi Ruthie
      Yes – it can be actual quotes from the person – maybe reflecting/ looking back in their life but it can also be quotes from others about them – like school reports. Good luck! We won’t be looking at them until probably the Wednesday of the week we get back. 😉

  10. Tyler Says:

    Hi Mr C i am now in Coventry and I’ve left my English homework at home so can you send me (on the blog) the questions and notes we have to make. THANKS!!!!!!

    • scrozier2013 Says:

      Hi Tyler. Hope you are having fun in Coventry. You just need to find out as much about their life as possible in order to write a biography about them:
      .their childhood
      .school life
      . Work/career
      . Interesting life events
      . Big moments
      . Quotes that they may have about their life
      . Hopes for the future

      Hope this helps.
      Mr C

  11. Tyler Says:

    Thanks Mr C have a great half-term

  12. Olivia o Says:

    Hi everyone hope you are having a great half term looking forward to seeing you all on Monday.

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