The Road Safety Officers


48 Responses to “The Road Safety Officers”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Good luck guys!

  2. Oliver Says:

    Hi guys! I’m thinking of doing a video on keeping safe on the road. Plz tell me what your going to do!

  3. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    Good Luck!

  4. lola Says:

    hey guys Oliver I don’t know if we should have our own thing to do because me and Charlie can get stuck with some things. Plz help thx.

  5. Keira Morgan Says:

    Good luck guys

  6. charlie Says:

    good luck guys make the best team win

  7. Annaliesa Says:

    Hi I’m doing a leaflet for perdestrians

  8. tola Says:

    ok Annalisa what can I do.

  9. Annaliesa Says:

    You can do a leaflet for safe driving

  10. lola Says:

    ok but Charlie wants to do it to and Oliver wants to do the video and that’s fine and Sedem can do the council thing but I don’t know what I can do. Maybe we can do our own but help each other with it. k

  11. Mr C Says:

    Hello everyone – good to see you are all thinking hard about your homework. Remember – you have plenty of time – don’t rush into getting lots ready this weekend. You probably need time to discuss things in your team on Monday and really think about who can do what. Remember you can work on things together and you could split the leaflet up and focus on different sections. Have a good weekend.

  12. oliviaw Says:

    good luck

  13. Oliviao Says:

    Good luck

  14. Shehan Says:

    Good luck guys

  15. Seren!😜 Says:

    Good luck

  16. Oliver Says:

    I was thinking that Sedem could perhaps do a letter. I don’t know what you all think.

  17. Sedem Says:

    Hi guys! I’ve just seen some of your recent posts. Could you give me ideas for the letter to the council please?
    (P.S I appreciate the effort, but loads of people have said good luck. Don’t get carried away!)

  18. Jazzy-Bazzy Says:


  19. Sedem Says:

    Hi Oliver! Because I’m almost completed my report, can you give me ideas for things to do?

    • Oliver Says:

      If you want, you can do a game perhaps? If we’re able, you could come to mine and work on our homework.

  20. Lola Says:

    Hey Oliver I am nearly done with my leaflet and what have you done so far.

  21. Oliver Says:

    A video.

  22. Oliver Says:

    Hi guys! I’m doing a film and ad. ok?

  23. Annaliesa Says:

    Hi guys I still don’t have publisher!

  24. Annaliesa Says:

    So annoying!
    But I’m just going to make a plans for what I’m going to do

    • Eni Says:

      if you have acer or dell computer it should be there because I made some leaflets using publisher on my acer.

      Keep trying though

  25. Sedem Says:

    Guys! I’ve lost my memory stick again!

  26. Annaliesa Says:

    Hi guys what layout do you need for a leaflet in publisher?

  27. Annaliesa Says:

    Don’t worry guys I’ve got it

  28. Sedem Says:

    I’ve FOUND IT GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Annaliesa Says:


  30. Annaliesa Says:

    Hey guys for our rap I have a 1 spare pair of sunglasses and a side cap. Ask me on the blog if you want to borrow them

  31. Annaliesa Says:

    Yeah sure the side cap is purple and the glasses are blue and green with animal prints

  32. Annaliesa Says:

    I’ll bring them in tommorow

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