Road Safety Warriors


22 Responses to “Road Safety Warriors”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Good luck guys!

  2. Naoki 尚輝 Says:

    Good Luck!

  3. tilly may Says:

    hi x how is everyone x year 7 is great xxx I have got lots of homework and lots of new friends xx p.s it is not as scary as you think x hope you trip is amazing x lots of love tilly x

  4. Keira Morgan Says:

    Good luck guys

  5. charlie Says:

    good luck

  6. Shehan Says:

    Hey guys I’ve done a power point and I’m doing my letter .

  7. Shehan Says:

    Hey guys I’ve done 6 leaflets and a poster for road saftey but I’m still doing the letter because I forgot to save it.

  8. Mr C Says:

    Hello everyone – good to see you are all thinking hard about your homework. Remember – you have plenty of time – don’t rush into getting lots ready this weekend. You probably need time to discuss things in your team on Monday and really think about who can do what. Remember you can work on things together and you could split the leaflet up and focus on different sections. Have a good weekend.

  9. oliviaw Says:

    good luck

  10. Eni Says:

    Good luck, even though I’m not in your class

  11. Oliviao Says:

    Hi guys I’m starting to write and think of some rap lyrics.

  12. Oliviao Says:

    I was thinking , someone could do a video about keeping safe on the road.

  13. Oliviao Says:

    I was wondering if I could do some buisness cards . Can you tell me what your doing.

  14. Oliviao Says:

    Thanks shehan

  15. nadine Says:

    shehan have you talked to anyone and wow

    • Shehan Says:

      Yeah me and Rafa were going to do the leaflets and Olivia was going to do business cards and maybe a video about keeping safe on the road.

  16. Keira Morgan Says:

    Guys I have done all the homework cause I’m a goodey two shoes

  17. Keira Morgan Says:


  18. rafa Says:

    Well back from being sick im doing the road safety poster and to question Mr.C can i have some poster paper maybe? Not too big please!

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