Road Safety Crew


27 Responses to “Road Safety Crew”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Good luck guys let the best team win!

  2. Naoki Says:

    Hi everyone! Just to let you know, I am going to do a report about driving safely.

    Please can you tell me what you are going to do? Thanks!

    • charlie Says:

      hi noaki i don’t know what were doing but me seren and ruth are meeting up on sunday and we will decide what were doing and we will tell you at school

  3. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    Good Luck!

  4. Seren!😜 Says:

    Hi guys we need to decide who’s doimg what a.s.a.p!! I’m happy to do anything. But I’m really happy if I do a letter to the parents or a professional poster!! Good luck!!!😜

  5. charlie Says:

    hi guys me Seren and Ruthie are meeting up on sunday about homework

  6. Ruhie Says:

    I might think about doing some cards that we can give out to the public as mr c said

  7. Mr C Says:

    Hello everyone – good to see you are all thinking hard about your homework. Remember – you have plenty of time – don’t rush into getting lots ready this weekend. You probably need time to discuss things in your team on Monday and really think about who can do what. Remember you can work on things together and you could split the leaflet up and focus on different sections. Have a good weekend.

  8. oliviaw Says:

    good luck

  9. Seren!😜 Says:

    Hi guys what part do u want to do in the haonework boys???

  10. Shehan Says:

    good luck

  11. Seren!😜 Says:


  12. Seren!😜 Says:

    Hi boys we’re going to do a iMovie

  13. Seren!😜 Says:

    Sorry an iMovie

  14. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    i will do a leaflet

  15. lola Says:

    good luck guys the best one win.

  16. Ruthie Says:

    i am going to do the cards I mentioned shall I do cycling, parking, driving and walking

  17. Ruthie Says:

    I will just do them as I need to get it done

  18. Seren! Says:

    Yes that’s great!

  19. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    I am just doing the leaflet about driving safely at the moment. Good luck on the poster George! 😀

  20. Naoki 直輝 Says:

    Here is a good website on road safety!
    It will work! If not…>:(

  21. Ruthie Says:

    Charlie don’t forget the tea shirt desine

  22. Ruthie Says:

    who is doing the leaflet on cycling if any one is doing it

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