Don’t be a fool – road safety is cool!


15 Responses to “Don’t be a fool – road safety is cool!”

  1. Tyler Says:

    Hello everyone please tell me what you want to do to help us win the home work challenge – I am going to right a report about driving and to stop people parking in front of school

  2. Naoki naoki Says:

    Good Luck!

  3. Eni Says:

    good luck too

  4. Keira Morgan Says:

    I will do a poster on the green cross code

  5. Keelie Says:

    Love your blog

  6. lola Says:

    good luck guys have a great time.

  7. Mr C Says:

    Hello everyone – good to see you are all thinking hard about your homework. Remember – you have plenty of time – don’t rush into getting lots ready this weekend. You probably need time to discuss things in your team on Monday and really think about who can do what. Remember you can work on things together and you could split the leaflet up and focus on different sections. Have a good weekend.

  8. oliviaw Says:

    i will write a report about being safe when crossing the road and what you should do when crossing and what you shouldn’t do when your crossing.

  9. Oliviao Says:

    Good luck guys see you on monday

  10. oliviaw Says:

    i have done the do’s and don’ts and im also going to do a poster on biking saftey.

  11. Jazzy-Bazzy Says:

    if I can get lots of kitchen roll tubes, I can make a lolly-pop lady stick.
    – Jasmine –

  12. OliviaW Says:

    i have done 2 pieces

  13. 😎😎Keira😎😎 Says:

    I am also doing a song on road safety🎀🎀🎀🎀🎸🎸🎸

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