Can you try to copy the structure of this Bronte sentence?

Something creaked: it was the door ajar; and that door was Mr Rochester’s, and the smoke rushed in a cloud from there.


18 Responses to “Can you try to copy the structure of this Bronte sentence?”

  1. Oliver Says:

    Something flickered: they were like lights; except that these ones were unlike any others, I coward underneath my duvet.

  2. Tyler Says:

    I thought no more of mummy; I thought no more of my brother,or daddy: as quick as a flash I was behind the tree.

  3. Tyler Says:

    Something twitched: it was the bread; and that bread was the forbidden loaf,I grabbed the blade and sliced the bread into two bits.

  4. Emily b Says:

    Something moved: it was the black cat; and that cat belonged to the mysterious woman next door,my heart dropped

  5. Ryan Says:

    Something lit: it was the door ajar; and that door was the forbidden door, that no one was meant to go in.

  6. Naoki Says:

    Something glowed: it was a strange orb; and that orb was the Orb of Death, and it moved towards me.

  7. Eliza Says:

    Something flashed: it was the the old ladies room light; and that lady was mysterious,my heart stopped beating.

  8. Shehan Says:

    Sorry I made a mistake I was ment to say Something shone: it was lightning; and it WAS crashing against the forest, that only the devils entered.

  9. Annaliesa Says:

    Something glowed: it was the mysterious maggot; and that maggot had malicious powers, it suddenly shot poison.

  10. oliviaw Says:

    Something scurried: it was a dirty rat; a rat that belonged to the old witch, opposite my house.

  11. Seren! Says:

    Something squeaked:it was the door a jar; and that that colossal door, the mysterious ancient woman stood with two mould teth hanging carelessly out of her mouth.

  12. Emily . H Says:

    Someone screamed : it was my neighbour ; and smoke was streaming out of her window , and then it was silent .

  13. Ruthie Says:

    Something quivered: it was the cloak; the cloak belonging to the person round for tea, it was alive.

  14. Sedem Says:

    Something shattered: it was the force field separating me from the pumpkin possessed by the evil demon; and it glowed a luminous gold, meaning that it was about to unleash its true form.

  15. Eni Says:

    Something struck: it was lightning; and lightning was what I feared the most, I jerked underneath my duvet.

  16. Sedem Says:

    Something thudded: it was the torch I was holding; and I knew that in a split second the guards would come searching for me, grasping their revolvers and their lethally sharp battle knives.

  17. Charlie Says:

    Something flickered:it was the haunting shadow of the lightning,and poor old Bruno jerked up in his bead.

  18. Tillie Says:

    Something splashed:it was the crashing lightning;and it raced across my window,and the flash lit up my bedroom floor

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