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Tag Rugby

March 31, 2014

The tag rugby article should be in tomorrow’s copy of The News. Spread the word!!


What did you think of our stories?

March 25, 2014

Have you found one of our year 6 stories? What did you think? Please leave us your comments, the children would love to have your feedback.

Orion English Group

March 21, 2014

Orion English Group

Here we are ready to hide our fantastic flashback stories! We hope you find them and enjoy reading them!

Check out some extracts from our Joker origin stories; a sneak preview before our story hiding!

March 20, 2014

“We need a guy,” thundered one.

“A… a… a guy?” Jack muttered, quietly to himself.

“You’re a guy, right?” asked the other.

“Do I look like a guy?” Jack asked cautiously.

“No!” whispered baddie no.1.

“Shut up!” hollered Mr red-hooded cape. ”You’ll do… meet us at the local chemical plant, you’re going to be on lookout… tonight…”


Jack, the last man standing, ran to the remains of the Red Hood Gang. “Stand down Jack,” a black hooded figure called.

“Make me!” He clutched his magnum 44 and shot at batman. The bullet deflected off his body armour. The railing snapped as Jack smashed against it; it sent him hurling into a toxic vat!


The leader of the gang glared at him in a ‘meet us behind the bank and don’t tell anyone’ manner. Jack decided to just nod his head and meet them behind the bank. He knew it was trouble, he knew it was bad but how else was he supposed to earn money?


Revealing a hand, four soaked cards slowly drifted away as cacophonous screams reverberated around the room. The hand was a ghastly- pallid colour as white as a cadaverous ghost.